Admit it.
You deserve sharp knives.

Just as a skilled shiatsu masseuse rejuvenates your muscles, a skilled knife grinder provides the same therapy for your dull and worn blades.

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Maybe your first proper edge, ever. Factory edges and electric sharpeners can’t compare to the joy of experiencing KnifeSpa edges.

Nicks removed and tips restored. We can take hard-worked blades that seem lost and make them better-than-new.

Sharp knives get used more. Truly sharp blades are safer, easier, and more enjoyable to use.

Never satisfied with dull blades again. One warning: once you experience a truly sharp blade you’ll never want to go back.

Blade Care Products

Our BladePods®, Steels, and other products help keep your knives in good health between sessions.

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Scheduling a Sharpening Session

KnifeSpa provides safe and secure shipping and delivery of your cutlery right back to your door. We use decades of experience and generations of tradition to deliver the highest quality blade edges to home users.

1. Tell us about your knives.

Decide what blades you need sharpened. We’ll ask you about their type during the session scheduler.

We sharpen virtually any blade:

  • Kitchen Knives
  • Serrated Edges
  • Pocket Knives
  • Hunting Knives
  • Scissors
  • Lawnmower Blades
  • Food Processor Blades

2. Send your knives to us.

Packing cutlery is a bit different than sending shoes, baseballs, or anything else that doesn’t have sharp blades. You’ll need to make sure you protect the blades. Wrap each knife in several layers of newspaper or surround them with cardboard with a little extra space for packing. You can even ask your shipping service what’s best.

Next, you’ll ship them to the address we’ll give you during the scheduling session.

Local? You can conveniently bring your knives to our shop. Please visit our sister site for more information.

3. Get knives back sharpened and protected.

KnifeSpa returns your knives in a matter of days packed and protected in our own boxes and blade sleeves. You can keep these packing materials for your future KnifeSpa sessions. And remember, if you used BladePods® they’ll be returned with your knives.

Standard return shipping is a flat rate of $9.95. If you plan on shipping more than 20 knives at once please call us as we might need to add just a bit extra to get them back to you.

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