About KnifeSpa

KnifeSpa is the most professional, reliable, and highest quality knife sharpening service available on OR off the web.

Masters of Grinding

KnifeSpa is a service of Master Grinding Service, Inc. based in Rockaway, NJ. We have over six decades of experience, and the tradition of knife sharpening, or “grinding” as it’s known, goes back in our family at least four generations. We can trace family grinders to Carisolo in the Val Rendena, an area in the province of Trento, Italy.

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Everyone's Local on the Web

We created KnifeSpa to bring the same tradition of professional knife sharpening to consumers outside our local area. We realized that most consumers struggle with dull or badly sharpened knives. Most people haven’t sharpened their knives since they bought them.

Stop Knife Abuse

Some feel they must resort to personal electric sharpeners. These generally damage blades more than they help. Skilled sharpeners only remove miniscule amounts of the blade. Brutish electric sharpeners actually damage the edges. KnifeSpa heals abused blades.

Healthy Happy Blades

KnifeSpa customers get the tradition, skill, and modern technology used by us for decades.

We have multi-step process for both stamped and forged blades and sharpen virtually any knife. More importantly, we’re proud to say we’re true experts at knife grinding, as it’s known in the trade.

From our shipping processes to our online scheduling to our unmatched knife sharpening; anyone can experience the joy of truly sharp knives with KnifeSpa.